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Too Skinny for Love - Andrzej Krzysztoforski

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Poster Designer: Andrzej Krzysztoforski

Too Skinny for Love

Polish | Original Poster Title: To jeszcze nie miłość

Year: 1975


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Polish film poster by Andrzej Krzysztoforski Too Skinny for Love To jeszcze nie miłość Für die Liebe noch zu mager Bernhard Stephan

Polish Poster

Poster Designer:

Andrzej Krzysztoforski

Year of release:


Poster size:

ca. A1 = 58x82 cm = 23x33 in


Original print

Print technique:


Poster condition:


Catalog No.:


Original film title:

Für die Liebe noch zu mager

Film directed by:

Bernhard Stephan


Simone von Zglinicki, Christian Steyer, Norbert Christian


German Democratic Republic

Film also known as:

To jeszcze nie miłość, Für die Liebe noch zu mager, Das macht, es hat die Nachtigall, Wo die Liebe hinfällt, Túl sovány a szerelemhez?, För ung för kärleken?, Too Skinny for Love

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