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How can I place an order in the ?

1. Shopping Bag

Choose a product which you want to order by clicking the „Add to Cart“. Thereby your selection is placed in the shopping bag. Until sending your order you are able to change your order at any time, by changing the amount of the products. You can delete the product by clicking the “Remove Item” or by interrupting the ordering process. By clicking the “next“ you get to the next ordering step.

2. Cash Desk

Register by entering your email address and your password if you already have a customer account, if not please register as a new costumer. Your personal data is collected for the purpose of registering and is pursuant to the data protection provisions (Data Privacy). Your Data will not be used for other purposes or given to others. By clicking the „continue“ you get to the next ordering step.

3. Check invoice address and address of shipment / mode of payment and shipment

Check the invoice address and choose your preferred mode of payment. Please check the address of shipment. The mode of shipment will be adjusted automatically depending on the country of origin of your order. By clicking the “continue“ you get to the next ordering step.

4. Complete ordering process / General terms and conditions

You receive a detailed overview of your order: the selected product, the shipment- and invoice address and your contact data. Please check if all data is correct and please read attentively Terms and Conditions and the cancellation rightsthe cancellation rights. You may only proceed with your order after accepting the terms and the cancellation rights (check the box). By clicking the “buy now” button you transmit your order to us. Thereby you make a legally binding offer.

5. Cancellation rights for costumers

All information about the cancellation rights

6. Poster Gift Voucher

Buy Poster Gift Voucher

Select the total value of Poster Gift Voucher you'd like to buy. Add the gift voucher to Your cart. After purchase, Your Poster Gift Voucher will arrive by e-mail. Print it yourself to give by hand, or send the Poster Gift Voucher by e-mail.

Poster Gift Voucher are also available in our store: Pigasus Polish Poster Gallery | Danziger Str. 52, 10435 Berlin |.

To use the poster voucher:

Select a poster on our website www.PolishPosterShop.com. The code should be entered in the ‘coupon code’ box at Shopping Cart page. The Gift Voucher amount will be deducted from order total. The credit of a gift voucher can be used for the payment of the poster and the shipping costs. The gift voucher is valid for three years from the end of the year in which the voucher was issued. It is possible to partially redeem a voucher; in that case another voucher for the remaining amount will be issued. Rest of sums that are not covered by the voucher can be easily paid with the preferred method of payment. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.
You can redeemed the Poster Gift Voucher in our online store and in our store Pigasus Polish Poster Gallery | Danziger Str. 52, 10435 Berlin |.

7. Wishlist

Only registered User can create a Wish List