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Serpent's Egg - Jan Młodożeniec

Poster Designer: Jan Młodożeniec

Serpent's Egg

Polish | Original Poster Title: Jajo węża

Year: 1980


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The Serpent's Egg

Polish Poster

Poster Designer:

Jan Młodożeniec

Year of release:


Poster size:

ca. B1 = 68x97 cm = 27x38 in


Original print

Print technique:


Poster condition:

ask for condition

Catalog No.:


Original film title:

Serpent's Egg, The

Film directed by:

Ingmar Bergman


Liv Ullmann, David Carradine, Gert Fröbe


USA, West Germany

Film also known as:

Jajo węża, Serpent's Egg, The, Das Schlangenei, Serpent's Egg, The, El huevo de la serpiente, Ingmar Bergman's The Serpent's Egg, Змийско яйце, O Ovo da Serpente, Slangens æg, El huevo de la serpiente, Käärmeenmuna, L'oeuf du serpent, To avgo tou fidiou, Kígyótojás, L'uovo del serpente, Ormens ägg, Змеиное яйцо

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